Tome of Apeula

Introducing The Tome of Apeula – Creature-Feature Madness!

A mighty silverback gorilla’s life is turned upside down when a mysterious force transforms him into a bloodthirsty monster—leading the beast down a dark path to find his place in the universe as the world’s first and only vampire gorilla while writing his earliest adventures in his handmade autobiography, “The Tome of Apeula.” 

The mighty Apeula aimlessly wanders the seemingly endless Congolese rainforest, and although the magically mutated beast hopes to find a quiet place where he can study the realms of man and magic in silent solitude, the worst of humanity, vampirekind, and nature continue to vex him at every turn. Some of the strange and horrible things Apeula encounters include:

The Wild Legion – A destructive, cruel, and ravenous band of baboons who eat whatever they can and dash everything else to pieces. The horde has thrived due to its raw numbers of vicious olive, hamadryas, and mandrill baboons, but their unkind caste system will be flipped on its head when The Wild Legion crosses paths with Apeula…

Grimace – The depraved warlord of the chimpanzees is legendary for his gruesome hunting tactics and genuine love of ghastly violence. He may be a bit on the older side, and his disfigured, toothy maw was the result of a severe misstep, but no one expects to survive crossing Grimace without losing a pound of flesh in return… 

Polypore – Every bit as unique and special as Apeula, Polypore is the sole fungal vampiress in existence. Slimy, spongy, yet strangely beautiful, her bubbly and outgoing personality seems to clash with the reality that Polypore is the master of mold, mistress of mushrooms, and far deadlier than she may appear at first glance…

Nasty primates and vile vampires aside, you might be surprised to learn that the real protagonist of this story is YOU! Yes, you- This book is all about gore-soaked jungle horror, but it starts with you, the reader, literally getting your hands on a strange and unpleasant, yet oddly alluring book that compels you to read it… 

Tome of Apeula

Hi! My name is Arnold B. Carreiro, the man behind the monster, and I created “The Tome of Apeula” because I deeply miss the creepy creature-features and timeless, immersive storytelling that I had grown up with, and I felt the need to write a book that I would’ve obsessed over as a kid. “The Tome of Apeula” is a huge hardcover story, designed to feel like you, the reader, are literally holding Apeula’s strange and very cursed book, and each chapter features a gorgeous illustration from the legendary Tim Sheward: If my horrifying story and his terrifying art keeps you up at night after you’ve read the book, we’ve proudly done our jobs.

Before I crawl back into my own cave, I would like to give a special thank-you to the absolute beasts at Horror Facts for allowing me to share my 800lb vampire with their loyal legion of fans, and to the readers out there—I hope to send Apeula to your home very soon!

Read the prologue now, and grab a copy of The Tome of Apeula directly from BookBaby today*!

*Coming to Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and other fine retailers on November 23rd, and as an eBook on all major digital platforms soon!

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