Brace Yourself, Horror Fans – An Avalanche of Chills Heads Our Way

A tidal wave of terror is about to crash down with enough blood-curdling trailers to rob even the most hardened genre veterans of sleep. This week alone packed enough nightmare fuel to haunt dreams well into 2025.

Leading the spine-tingling pack is the long-awaited musical adaptation of The Lost Boys, with Patrick Wilson lending horror cred to the production team. Those vampires may be singing and dancing now, but their fangs remain sharp. Other screams come courtesy of Sundance standout Immaculate, where Sydney Sweeney confronts a convent’s sinister secrets. And a freaky new vision of Alice in Wonderland seems primed to traumatize a whole new generation.

But the biggest buzz belongs to two undead juggernauts rising from the grave. The Walking Dead spin-off confirming the returns of both Rick and Michonne already has fans frothing at the mouth. While stop-motion indie Stopmotion perverts the comforting nostalgia of puppet animation into psychological horror.

So brace for impact, horror hounds. This monsoon of macabre trailers threatens to batter us with bone-chilling sights and sounds. Best batten down the horror hatches – because when this storm hits, no one’s sleeping easy ever again! We’ll be cowering under the covers, desperately trying to avert our eyes from the oncoming onslaught. Pray for us, fright fans…we’re in for a long, sleepless 2025!

  1. The Lost Boys: The Musical
YouTube video
  • An official musical adaptation of the 1987 vampire classic “The Lost Boys”
  • Directed by Michael Arden
  • Produced by Patrick Wilson
  • Coming soon
  1. Immaculate
YouTube video
  • Stars Sydney Sweeney
  • About a woman who gets a role at an Italian convent harboring dark secrets
  • Distributed by NEON
  • In theaters March 22
  1. Alice in Terrorland
YouTube video
  • A horror reimagining of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
  • About a teenage girl who goes to live with her aunt in the woods
  • On DVD February 13
  1. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
YouTube video
  • A Walking Dead spinoff series
  • Brings back Rick Grimes and Michonne
  • Premieres February 25
  1. Stopmotion
YouTube video
  • A horror film about a troubled stop-motion animator
  • Stars Aisling Franciosi
  • In theaters February 23, coming to Shudder May 31