Aussie Backwoods Horror ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ Stalks Onto Shudder

A game of cat-and-mouse erupts in the latest nerve-jangling import from Down Under.

You’ll Never Find Me brings brutal outback noir to the forefront when it launches onto scream streaming service Shudder on March 22nd. This razor-wire tension-filled thriller takes a simple premise – a mysterious woman seeks shelter from a storm with a reclusive stranger – and ratchets up the paranoia to almost unbearable levels.

The film took Tribeca by storm last summer, with critics praising first-time directors Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen for the white-knuckle dread they harness from very little on-screen action. Instead, it’s the constantly shifting power dynamic and sinister implications that keep you clenching your armrest in anticipation through every shadowy frame.

Bell also stars as the increasingly unnerved drifter playing a dangerous game of trust against enigmatic outcast Jordan Cowan. Their charged exchanges and obscure motivations lead to hair-raising questions. Who’s the real victim here? Who should audiences root for in this sparse, remote setting? Just what are each hiding in their past?

You’ll Never Find Me looks to follow in the footsteps of breakout Ozploitation hits like The Babadook with its fresh spin on tried-and-true horror ingredients. By keeping the audience guessing and squirming as the storm rages on, this ruthless indie aims to secure Shudder’s status as the top streaming destination for new horror voices. Will you take shelter from the darkness within?

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