A Nightmare Reunion: What to Expect from ‘Evil Dead Rise’ **NEW CLIPS**

After years of rumors, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ is poised to revive the beloved cult horror franchise. Originally launched in 1981, the series is known for its over the top gore andDeadites, demonic spirits that possess the living. Now, producers Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert are reuniting to bring a fresh installment of chilling terror to fans.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ takes the franchise in new directions with an urban LA setting and a story focused on estranged sisters. Beth visits Ellie, who is struggling to raise three kids in a cramped apartment. However, their reunion turns into a battle for survival when sinister forces are unleashed. While the storytelling evolves, producer Bruce Campbell has promised ‘Evil Dead Rise’ will be the goriest film yet.

Early footage reveals clues that the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, an ancient book of evil, will return to wreak havoc. The text contains sinister illustrations and incantations, all leading to harrowing moments of possession and violence as the Deadites emerge. With these sinister spirits on the rise, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ aims to continue the franchise’s legacy of unsettling dread and over the top horror, check out the new clips below.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

For longtime fans, references to the original beloved trilogy are expected in this new installment. While ‘Evil Dead Rise’ carves its own path, Raimi and Campbell have ensured the core spirit of the franchise remains intact. Audiences can anticipate ‘Evil Dead Rise’ to be a chilling, unnerving, and equally campy descent into madness.

The film stars Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, and Alyssa Sutherland. Echols plays Beth, a woman desperately trying to reconnect with her sister Ellie, played by Sutherland. However, sinister secrets and sinister forces threaten to destroy their family bonds forever. Under the direction of Lee Cronin, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ filmed in Auckland, New Zealand in 2019.

With a devoted cult following, the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise has cemented itself as a staple of horror. After years with only rumors of a new installment, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ aims to expand on a beloved story in shocking new ways. For genre fans seeking a haunting re-imagining with ties to a horror classic, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ may be the chilling reunion they’ve been waiting for. The film creeps into theaters April 21, 2023.