“We Are Wolves” Thriller Unleashes Official Trailer, Tubi and Prime Video Release Set

The official trailer has dropped for upcoming thriller “We Are Wolves,” set to stalk its way onto streaming in early 2024 courtesy of Tubi TV and Prime Video.

Helmed by director Rich Mallery (Maid Droid), the film follows a dissatisfied woman named Fenix (Savannah Mares) who abruptly leaves her mundane life seeking purpose with a dangerous group she once considered family. Hoping to reconnect with sociopath Needles (Fawn Winters) and matriarch Selena (Lauren Kravchenko), Fenix instead finds herself forced to participate in their sadistic and deadly games to prove her loyalty.

The trailer showcases Mallery’s gritty style through glimpses of the remote, woodsy compound ruled through cruelty and manipulation by Winters and Kravchenko’s characters. Mares displays increasing desperation as Fenix, with Anthony Rainville and Via May rounding out the cast as fellow “wolves” in the cult-like clan.

With its stark visuals and themes of trauma bonding and extremism, “We Are Wolves” looks to bite into the heightened intensity of recent folk horror fare. The Tubi and Prime Video streaming release through Cinema Epoch hits next February, promising a ruthless pack mentality thriller sunk deep into the wilderness shadows.

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