Watch Tubi Original ‘Scariest Monsters in America’.

We all have them: legends of monsters that haunt our collective nightmares and, while some are universal, others are more rooted in local lore and culture.

In the new original Tubi documentary ‘Scariest Monsters in America,’ a panel of folklore experts examined each state’s most terrifying monster and, from that list, determined the top 10 most terrifying monsters America has ever seen.

With every state having its own unique version of the boogeyman, it’s interesting to see what monsters made the list and what creatures came up short.

Could the scariest monster be the chupacabra, a creature that is said to kill livestock by completely draining the animal of all its blood through puncture holes left in its victim’s neck?

Although it might not seem like the chupacabra is a dangerous threat, as they primarily go after livestock, one has to wonder how long before this monster starts to make its way up the food chain?

Or perhaps it might be the Rougarou, a beast that is said to possess the body of a human and the head of a wolf. What makes this creature so unique is that it was once human but is now cursed to walk the earth as a human by day and a beast by night.

It’s important that you be mindful of those around you, for there’s a chance that someone you know might be inflicted with this curse and you could be their next victim. It’s rumored that, after 101 days, an infected Rougarou can pass on the curse to another person, and all it takes is a simple bite or scratch from the Rougarou to become one yourself.

What about the Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature that is never capable of satisfying its insatiable hunger, leaving it often appearing gaunt due to starvation? It’s this inability to satisfy its cravings that leave this frozen beast constantly searching for its next victim.

But it’s not only this creature’s appetite that you should fear. The Wendigo is also said to be a cunning hunter, possessing the ability to mimic human voices as a way of luring you to your doom.

So, the next time you’re in the frozen wilderness, that might not be the voice of your friend or loved one you hear, but rather the voice of this hungry beast looking for its next meal.

What about the infamous Jersey Devil?

This demonic thirteenth child of Pine Barrens resident, Mother Leeds, transformed into a winged creature with a goat’s head, a forked tail, and hooved feet after its birth.

The rumored reason for this nefarious change is that, after Mother Leeds found out that she was pregnant with her thirteenth child, she unwittingly cursed the child by stating that she would rather give birth to the devil himself than have to support another child.

Visitors to Pine Barrens over the centuries have claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil, and people still claim to catch glimpses of the demonic child of Mother Leeds to this very day.

With a run time of only an hour and twenty-four minutes, ‘Scariest Monsters in America’ suffers from limited time being dedicated to each monster. The documentary would have been better as a limited series, with each episode being a detailed exploration of each monster on the list. 

The series instead serves as a rudimentary introduction to each monster, with just a basic description and a couple of facts about each specific monster on the list.

That being said, ‘Scariest Monsters in America’ is still able to achieve its goal of delivering the viewer with what they essentially came to see, and that is what this particular panel of individuals believe to be the scariest monsters in America. 

It’s unlikely that those who choose to watch this original documentary don’t already have previous knowledge of each creature on the list, so the real enjoyment comes from finding out if your favorite made the cut and, if so, where they landed on the list.

The only way to find out if your home state monster made it is to watch ‘Scariest Monsters in America,’ only on Tubi.

Because after all, only one monster can reign supreme. Will it be yours?