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A maniacal clown uses gruesome methods to viciously torture and murder women who have the unfortunate luck of entering his house of horrors.

The American indie slasher film Terrifier (2016) was written, produced, and directed by Damien Leone. Michael Leavy, Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran, Matt McAllister, and David Howard Thornton all make appearances. To celebrate Halloween, Thornton plays violent clown Art the Clown who stalks Kannell, Scaffidi, and Corcoran. This is Leone’s second feature film to include his Art the Clown character; his 2013 anthology film All Hallows’ Eve featured Art the Clown in a cameo.

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In 2008, Leone released a short film called The 9th Circle, in which he also starred as Art the Clown. To follow, in 2011, Leone penned and directed the short film Terrifier, starring Art. Art made his debut in a feature picture, and Leone made his directing debut, with the 2013 anthology film All Hallows’ Eve, which included several of these shorts.

To fund Terrifier, a full-length prequel to All Hallows’ Eve, Leone turned to the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo in 2015. When filmmaker Phil Falcone heard about the campaign on Indiegogo, he contributed the money they needed in exchange for a producer credit. Mike Giannelli portrayed Art in the films The 9th Circle, Terrifier, and All Hallows’ Eve, although David Howard Thornton performed the role in the full-length version of Terrifier. When auditioning for the part of Art in Terrifier, Thornton, who was already aware with All Hallows’ Eve, improvised a death scene in mime, which led to his casting.

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