Sydney Sweeney reuniting with The Voyeurs director in psychological horror Immaculate.

In recent times, Sydney Sweeney has been quite successful in securing fascinating assignments. The star of “Euphoria” is set to make an appearance in the upcoming film “Madame Web,” which is being produced by Sony Marvel; she is also rumored to be cast in the role of “Barbarella”; she is slated to play the lead role in the upcoming thriller “The Registration,” which is being produced by Bradley Fuller and written by the team responsible for the reimagining of “Hellraiser”; and she is also collaborating with Fuller on the Now it has been reported that Sweeney will be reuniting with Michael Mohan, the director who oversaw her performance in the sexual thriller The Voyeurs, for the psychological horror film Immaculate. The film will be directed by Mohan.

Sweeney will play the part of Cecilia in the film Immaculate. Cecilia is a lady of strong faith who is presented with the opportunity to take on a more rewarding job at a prestigious Italian convent. Cecilia’s pleasant welcome to the picture-perfect Italian countryside is cut short as it becomes more obvious to her that her new house conceals some dark and frightening truths.

The film is being produced by Sweeney under the banner of her own company, which goes by the name Fifty-Fifty Films and is being co-produced by Jonathan Davino. In addition to Sweeney, the movie is also being produced by Black Bear Pictures’ David Bernad, Teddy Schwarzman, and Michael Heimler. After collaborating on the critically acclaimed television series The White Lotus, which won an Emmy, Sweeney and Bernad came up with the idea together. Will Greenfield, together with Black Bear’s John Friedberg and Christopher Casanova, is serving in the capacity of executive producer for the program. Black Bear Pictures will be responsible for the film’s worldwide sales and distribution in addition to providing all of the necessary funding for the production of Immaculate.

Along Came the Devil, which was Sweeney’s debut feature-length picture, was in the horror genre. Sweeney has appeared as a guest on a number of popular television programmes, including 90210, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, In the Vault, and Pretty Little Liars.

When it comes to her impending Marvel debut in Madame Web with Dakota Johnson, who will be playing the title character, Sydney is undoubtedly putting in the necessary preparation time. In a conversation with Variety about her part in the movie, which has not been revealed, she revealed that she has been amassing a collection of Marvel comic books in order to get ready for the role and understand more about the fantastic and epic fictional universe.

Featured image by Alfred Marroquin, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons