Watch Now Freddy VS Jason Streaming Free On Tubi

Well hide the cutlery and bolt the doors y’all, because the ultimate horror heavyweight battle royale, 2003’s legendary “Freddy vs Jason,” is now available to stream absolutely FREE on Tubi! Consider this gloriously gruesome gift the ideal flick to kick off your Halloween marathon.

Horror Facts


This is also the last film to feature Robert Englund on the big screen reprising the role of Freddy Krueger.

This is the once-in-a-lifetime monster mashup fans spent decades drooling over – our boy Freddy Krueger versus hockey-masked juggernaut Jason Voorhees in a no-holds-barred rumble to decide the supreme slasher once and for all!

As any seasoned horror fanatic knows, this clash of icons was years in the making after a tangled web of licensing issues. But the titanic showdown between Wes Craven’s Dream Demon and Sean S. Cunningham’s silent stalker proved worth the wait, delivering a perpetually rewatchable contest sure to delight any gore-starved Fright Fan.

I’m tingling just thinking about all the gloriously gory highlights on deck – Jason freezing Freddy’s head solid and then shattering it to bloody pieces, only for the madman to reform and keep trading blows! And who could forget their epic final fight set Ablaze amidst towering propane tanks after Freddy drives Jason into a rage?

The über-violent action setpieces come paired with some quintessential Freddy one-liners and the brilliantly demented visuals longtime “Nightmare” director Ronny Yu provides. Toss in an impaled swinging camper, a rave DJ sliced mid-scratch, and shrieking teens offed in creative ways, and “Freddy vs Jason” delivers everything hoped for from these legendary boogeymen rumbling.

Yet the simple joys of the premise alone make “Freddy vs Jason” an essential nostalgic viewing, especially with Halloween on the horizon. So hit up Tubi and revel in the ultimate Hollywood horror showdown absolutely FREE! Get ready for wicked wisecracks, inventive kills, and most importantly, two titans of terror tearing each other apart in gory glory. Who needs trick or treating when this movie delivers a bucket of blood and a treat for every horror-lovin’ fiend?

Onto the movie you can click here to start streaming Freddy vs Jason.