Unravel the Thrilling Next Installment of Dark Spaces

The IDW Originals anthology series, Dark Spaces, returns with its chilling next installment, Dark Spaces: Good Deeds. Each entry in the series features a compelling self-contained story with complex characters, showcasing promising new artists and writers personally selected by legendary creator Scott Snyder.

Following the overwhelming success of last year’s Dark Spaces: Wildfire, Dark Spaces: Good Deeds is written by acclaimed author Che Grayson, known for his popular work on DC Comics’ Batman: Urban Legends series, with stunning art by rising star Kelsey Ramsay, known for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. Bursting with shadowy secrets and mysteries, the first issue of Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will leave horror fans eagerly awaiting more when it materializes on shelves May 17th.

The series follows Rebecca and her teenage daughter Cheyenne after they move to the historic town of St. Augustine, Florida seeking a fresh start. Cheyenne struggles to forge connections in the tight-knit community where outsiders are ostracized and looked upon with suspicion.  As townspeople start dying under mysterious and sinister circumstances, Cheyenne and Rebecca find themselves ensnared in a chilling 200-year-old secret emerging from the shadows that threatens to doom them all.

Personally selected and approved by Snyder, Grayson and Ramsay have packed the premiere issue with ominous mysteries and terrors screaming to be solved and faced. Brimming with jaw-dropping twists and turns until the final page, Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will keep readers perched on the edge of their seats.

The Dark Spaces series originally debuted last year with Dark Spaces: Wildfire, written by Snyder with art by Hayden Sherman. Each entry spotlights a new creative team and self-contained story, delving into our deepest fears of the unknown and what lurks within. The series has been met with overwhelming critical acclaim and popularity, cementing its place in horror anthology storytelling.

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds follows the frightening path of its predecessor by delivering a first issue brimming with cryptic intrigue and scares that will leave horror devotees craving more. This spine-chilling new installment should not be overlooked and belongs on the pull list of any comic reader seeking sinister stories and bumps in the night.

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds looks poised to be the perfect remedy for comic readers with a taste for terror and suspense. Mark your calendars for May 17th—if you dare! The shadows are calling in this frightful new chapter of Dark Spaces. Sweet dreams!

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About Che Grayson:

Che Grayson is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, writer, and TED speaker whose work is heavily inspired by their love of folklore and horror. Che is a 2016 TED resident, a 2017 IFP Marcie Bloom Film Fellow with Sony Picture Classics, and a 2018 Directing Fellow with Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative. Che has written comics for Image, IDW, and DC. A graduate of New York University’s MFA film program, they wrote and directed the award-winning film Magic Hour, which premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Che has worked as a writer for Netflix, Blue Sky Studios, and Nickelodeon and currently works at Skydance Animation on an upcoming TV series.

About Kelsey Ramsay:

Kelsey Ramsay is a comic artist and illustrator from London, UK. Her work is featured in Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 40×40: Bad Reputation/I Love Rock ’n’ Roll (Z2 Comics), and Fab Breakout Book: Mad World (StoryWorld Media).