Uncork’d Entertainment Acquires Home Invasion Thriller “I’ll Be Watching” Starring Eliza Taylor

Uncork’d Entertainment Has Acquired the Thrilling Home Invasion Film! “I’ll Be Watching,” with Eliza Taylor in the lead role

Recently, the rights to the nail-biting home invasion thriller “I’ll Be Watching” were purchased by Uncork’d Entertainment, a notable independent film distribution firm. Eliza Taylor, who is an actress and a social media superstar and is best known for her part in the hit television series “The 100,” stars in the film.

Uncork'd Entertainment

Plot Synopsis

The intriguing movie tells the narrative of Julie, a woman whose sister was brutally killed in a horrible incident. Julie and her husband, a brilliant tech whiz, decide to uproot their lives and move to the countryside in the hope of starting over and finding some peace. To keep their brand-new house safe, her husband is putting in a cutting-edge security system that he designed and built entirely on his own. However, after he leaves on a business trip, Julie is left alone in the house and begins to have a growing suspicion that the person who murdered her sister is engaging in a sick game of psychological torment in the hopes of bringing Julie to the point where she will kill herself. (imdb)

A Cast Full of Famous Faces

The ensemble cast of “I’ll Be Watching” is rather outstanding, with the likes of Bob Morley, David Keith, Seth Michaels, Bryan Batt, and Hannah Fierman. Erik Bernard, who gives a fresh perspective to the thriller genre thanks to his skill as a director, is responsible for the picture.

High Praise for the Movie

The President of Uncork’d Entertainment, Keith Leopard, has lauded the movie as a “great thriller full of twists and turns,” stressing the film’s successful combination of psychological and science fiction themes in the picture. Eliza Taylor’s captivating performance as Julie earned praise from Leopard, who remarked that Taylor’s portrayal is “going to blow everyone away.”

Release Date

On May 2nd, “I’ll Be Watching” will be made available on digital platforms, which will make it simple for fans of thrillers to watch it and enjoy it from the convenience of their own homes.

The Negotiation of a Deal

Together with Keith Leopard of Uncork’d Entertainment, Seth Michaels and Sometti, who were acting as representatives of the film’s production crew, were able to expertly negotiate the acquisition contract. This partnership ensures that “I’ll Be Watching” will reach a large audience and provide moviegoers with an exciting and engaging film experience.

Check out the trailer below!

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