Twisted Metal Renewed for Explosive Season 2 After Strong Debut Performance

Peacock has officially greenlit a second season of its video game adaptation series “Twisted Metal,” after the show quickly drove its way to become one of the streaming service’s most popular premieres earlier this year.

The gritty, high-octane series, based on the car combat franchise of the same name, garnered over 400 million viewing minutes within its first weekend when it debuted in July 2022. Thanks to this strong opening that made it Peacock’s fifth highest-viewed original, the renewal order was confirmed Thursday evening during The Game Awards.

Led by Anthony Mackie of Marvel fame, “Twisted Metal” follows a wisecracking outsider offered a chance at a better life if he can successfully transport a mystery package across a dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland. Aiding him is a thrill-seeking car thief, as they face murderous drivers and other threats on their high-stakes journey.

Mackie stars as amnesiac hero John Doe, joined by a cast including Neve Campbell as the mysterious Raven and WWE’s Samoa Joe as iconic villain Sweet Tooth. With Will Arnett voicing Sweet Tooth, other cast members include Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Mike Mitchell and Richard Cabral.

Michael Jonathan Smith serves as showrunner, while the series hails from Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions and Universal Television.

Smith expressed enthusiasm over continuing the chaotic story, stating: “I have to give a Sweet Tooth-sized thank you to our incredible fans…We are beyond thankful we get to continue the story of John Doe, Quiet, and Sweet Tooth as they face off against familiar faces and new grim foes…”

With its adrenalized action and expansive mythology, the renewal ensures that fans can expect even more explosive adventures when “Twisted Metal” returns to Peacock for another death-defying season.

Beyond the compelling cast and high-octane action that fueled a solid first season, the “Twisted Metal” series has even greater potential to evolve in its newly confirmed sophomore outing.

Showrunner Smith and his creative team now have the chance to build on the rich world and backstories only hinted at in the inaugural episodes. Details remain scarce, but fans can likely anticipate more layered development for breakout characters like Doe, Quiet, Raven and Sweet Tooth as they collide with new allies and enemies.

The variety of deadly vehicles and their eccentric drivers has always been a hallmark of the Twisted Metal gaming franchise. So viewers can surely brace for more outrageously customized cars and trucks as contestants vie for glory in the eponymous tournament.

Smith suggested as much by stating “familiar faces and new grim foes” will challenge the series’ heroes. The appearance of franchise baddie Dollface in the Season 1 finale stoked speculation that more classic characters will soon follow.

While the games’ anarchic spirit defined Season 1, Peacock may push for more emphasis on plotting to attract a wider audience. This could see greater prominence of the mysterious Agent Stone and the governmental authorities seemingly orchestrating the Twisted Metal contest for unknown motives.

Ultimately the renewal hands Smith & Co. the keys to open up the series’ narrative horizons, reward loyal fans with Easter eggs and callbacks, and stomp on the gas pedal to keep raising the bar for adrenalized small-screen spectacle.

So fire up the ice cream truck and prepare for things to get weird when “Twisted Metal” returns for another high-speed frenzy.