Tubi’s September Lineup & Releases

Get ready for an exciting wave of new original films premiering on Tubi this September. From psychological thrillers to celebrity-fueled documentaries, this month’s premieres are not to be missed.

These original movies offer a taste of the gripping options coming to Tubi this month. For heart-pounding suspense, don’t miss “Twisted Marriage Therapist,” following a couple whose counseling takes a terrifying turn. Documentary fans will be glued to their screens during “TMZ No BS: Hollywood’s Messiest Divorces,” examining celebrity splits that rocked Hollywood. If you’re craving empowering action, check out “The Vigilante,” where a Marine seeks justice against human traffickers.

Whether you’re chasing thrills, seeking real-life stories, or craving justice, Tubi’s September lineup has the perfect pick for your mood. With this wide range of original movies, there’s no shortage of binge-worthy entertainment ahead.

New Tubi Originals For September 2023


TWISTED MARRIAGE THERAPIST (Debuting On Tubi September 07)
A couple seeks counseling to save their marriage with a caring therapist, but the husband soon realizes that she is obsessed with his wife and will do anything to get her.

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE DARK (Debuting On Tubi September 14)
When the past catches up to Trevor, a businessman and husband, he becomes haunted by his repeated betrayal of loved ones.

DEADLY MIDWIFE (Debuting On Tubi September 15)
Lauren and Anthony hire a new midwife after their last one mysteriously disappears, but things may not be as they appear.

VICIOUS AFFAIR (Debuting On Tubi September 21)
Skyler’s perfect life is uprooted when her best friend Camilla falls in love with her husband Kenneth.

ACCUSED (Debuting On Tubi September 22)
After internet sleuths falsely accuse Harri of being a wanted terrorist, he must fight for survival against a deadly home invasion.


THE VIGILANTE (Debuting On Tubi September 08)
When a Marine returns home from deployment overseas, she goes to war against human traffickers who have kidnapped her 13-year-old sister.

SAFEHOUSE (Debuting On Tubi September 28)
After Carla’s brother is murdered, she goes on the run and becomes trapped in a cat-and-mouse game with the CIA, the government, and the cartel.


THE FREAK BROTHERS SEASON 2 (Part II) (Debuting On Tubi September 24)
THE FREAK BROTHERS chronicles the escapades of a trio of stoner anti-establishment characters and their smartass cat who wake up from a 50-year nap after smoking a magical strain of weed in 1969, and must adjust to life with a new family in present-day San Francisco. In the second season, the Freaks and Kitty’s Mary Jane-fueled misadventures will take them from their high school reunion to matching wits with Mark Zuckerberg, settling old scores with Mitch McConnell, and battling Seth Rogen in a Pot Brownie Bake-Off contest.


QUEEN OF CRYPTO (Debuting On Tubi September 06)
She promised a new future with her revolutionary new cryptocurrency. But her $4 billion empire was all a fraud, milking investors, and sending her on the run as a global fugitive.

Not every Hollywood wedding is a storybook romance. TMZ examines the celebrity divorces that shocked the world.

New Movies Being Added to Tubi September 2023

All titles below begin streaming for free on September 1, unless otherwise noted:

• “30 Days Of Night (2007)”
• “Anatomy”
• “Anatomy 2”
• “Bones”
• “Evil Dead II”
• “Get Out”
• “Halloween (2018)”
• “Idle Hands”
• “It (Stephen King’s – 1990)”
• “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark”
• “Sinister”
• “The Last House On The Left”
• “The Strangers”
• “Vacancy (2007)”
• “Vacancy 2: The First Cut”

• “Addicted”
• “Down A Dark Hall”
• “Inside Man”
• “Insomnia”
• “Killer Joe”
• “The Client”
• “The Pelican Brief”
• “The Poison Rose”

• “12 Rounds”
• “Cold Pursuit”
• “Commando (1985)”
• “Contraband”
• “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”
• “Godzilla Vs. Kong”
• “Hitman: Agent 47”
• “Midnight In Switchgrass”
• “Pompeii (2014)”
• “Skyscraper”
• “The Expendables 2”
• “The Expendables 3’”
• “The Expendables”
• “The Marine”
• “The Rundown”
• “Unleashed”
• “Walking Tall (2004)”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
• “Don’t Let Go”
• “Hellboy (2019)”
• “I, Robot”
• “Looper”
• “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”
• “Seventh Son”
• “The 5th Wave”
• “The Book Of Eli”

• “Akeelah And The Bee”
• “American Heist (2015)”
• “Deliverance”
• “From Prada To Nada”
• “God’s Not Dead”
• “The Guardian”
• “Hidden Figures”
• “Julie & Julia”
• “The Lincoln Lawyer”
• “The Program”
• “Wind River”

• “Chasing Papi”
• “Fools Rush In”
• “In The Heights”
• “Moulin Rouge”
• “Poetic Justice (1993)”
• “Sex And The City”
• “The Perfect Guy”
• “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”

Black Cinema
• “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son”
• “Booty Call”
• “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”
• “In The Mix”
• “Jackie Brown” (9/30)
• “Johnson Family Vacation”
• “Juwanna Mann”
• “Meet The Blacks”
• “Notorious (2009)”
• “The Nutty Professor”
• “Nutty Professor Ii: The Klumps”
• “Roll Bounce”
• “Stomp The Yard”
• “Stomp The Yard: Homecoming”
• “The Color Purple”
• “The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2”
• “To Sleep With Anger”
• “You Got Served”

Art House
• “Bad Education”
• “Biutiful”
• “Broken Embraces”
• “Full Metal Jacket”
• “Incendies”
• “La Bamba”
• “The Graduate”

• “21 Jump Street (2012)”
• “A Knight’s Tale”
• “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”
• “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls”
• “American Graffiti”
• “Bringing Down The House”
• “Get Hard” – 9/9
• “Girls Trip”
• “Half Baked”
• “Hall Pass”
• “Hooking Up” -9/4
• “Joe Dirt (2001)”
• “Just Friends”
• “Magic Mike”
• “Magic Mike XXL”
• “More American Graffiti”
• “Mrs. Doubtfire”
• “The Internship”
• “The Watch (2012)”
• “The Waterboy”
• “You, Me And Dupree”

• “Best Of Enemies: Buckley Vs. Vidal”
• “Conan O’Brien: Can’t Stop”
• “Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room”
• “Outrage”
• “The Defiant Ones”
• “Whitey: United States Of America V. James J Bulger”

Kids & Family
• “Annie (1982)”
• “Anpanman (Franchise)”
• “Casper (1995)”
• “Casper And Wendy’s Ghostly Adventures”
• “Casper’s Scare School”
• “Four Kids And It”
• “Little Big League”
• “The Kid Who Would Be King”
• “The Longshots”
• “The Perfect Man”
• “The Space Between Us”

Korean Drama
• “3-Iron”
• “Decibel”
• “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…And Spring”

• “Dances With Wolves”
• “The Longest Drive”
• “Unforgiven”

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