Tubi Unveils an Electrifying Lineup of Original Horror and Thrillers for April 2024

As the spring season approaches, Tubi, the popular free streaming platform, is set to thrill and chill its viewers with an impressive array of original horror and thriller titles premiering in April 2024. From a chilling military love triangle to a terrifying zombie festival, this month’s lineup promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Documentary: “Behind the Crime: Deadly Military Love Triangle” (April 3)

Kicking off the month is the gripping documentary “Behind the Crime: Deadly Military Love Triangle.” When a young Army sergeant is mysteriously murdered, the police find themselves stumped, until a crucial tip leads them to an unexpected enemy lurking within the sergeant’s own backyard. This true-crime exposé delves deep into the dark underbelly of military relationships, uncovering a twisted tale of passion, betrayal, and deadly consequences.

Horror: “Festival of the Living Dead” (April 5)

In the heart-pounding horror film “Festival of the Living Dead,” Ash and her friends attend a festival commemorating the original zombie attack, only to find themselves facing the undead once again. As the festivities take a terrifying turn, the group must use their survival instincts to fight back against the hordes of the living dead, or risk being devoured.

“Lowlifes” (April 11)

The survival thriller “Lowlifes” follows a road-tripping family who find themselves forced to stay the night at a remote homestead when their car breaks down. Forced to confront their deepest fears, the family must tap into their primal instincts to outwit the dangerous lowlifes who have taken them hostage.

Thriller: “Snatched” (April 6)

In the intense thriller “Snatched,” a former CIA agent’s peaceful life is shattered when a dangerous criminal from her past breaks out of prison. Forced to tap into her lethal skills once again, she must protect her family at all costs, leading to a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.

“Billion Dollar Bluff” (April 13)

“Billion Dollar Bluff” follows the captivating story of a popular influencer who is kidnapped and held for ransom. As the media grips the nation, the influencer begins to help the criminals rob luxurious mansions, blurring the lines between victim and accomplice.

“This Never Happened” (April 26)

In the chilling supernatural thriller “This Never Happened,” a young woman experiences terrifying visions of a violent spirit while staying at her boyfriend’s childhood home with him and his friends. As the supernatural forces intensify, she must confront the dark secrets of the past to survive.

“My Husband Hired a Hitman” (April 27)

The month concludes with the thrilling “My Husband Hired a Hitman,” where a greedy husband seeks to have his wife murdered in order to inherit her wealth. However, the wife is determined to fight back and seek revenge, leading to a high-stakes game of survival.

Tubi’s April 2024 lineup promises to deliver a diverse range of original horror and thriller content that will captivate audiences. From the chilling true-crime documentary to the pulse-pounding supernatural and survival stories, this month’s offerings promise to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, exploring the darkest corners of the human experience.