Thirst: A New Indie Horror Film That Will Leave You Parched for More

Watch the trailer for Thirst, the directorial debut of Eric Owen, drummer for the alternative rock duo Black Pistol Fire. This new indie horror film looks like a thrilling ride into fear and madness.

The trailer shows a small town descending into insomnia and panic as an inexplicable plague of sleeplessness spreads. Seeking salvation, two couples find respite on an abandoned ranch, only to be besieged by dangerous strangers who claim the land for their own nefarious purposes.

Chaos and bloodshed ensue in this tense thriller about what happens when exhaustion and terror push people over the edge. The trailer hints at gripping performances from the cast and imaginative direction that brings the nightmare to life.

Thirst promises to leave horror fans thirsty for more, parched for the kind of original indie horror that delivers excitement and scares. Mark your calendars for the digital release on September 5 and get ready to lose sleep over this exciting new entry in the horror genre.

Let us know what you think of the trailer and if you plan to check out Thirst when it arrives online next month!

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