The Trailer for Night of the Caregiver Will Keep You Up at Night

Forget the pea soup and head spins – the new horror film Night of the Caregiver looks set to provide even more terrifying thrills. As director Joe Cornet promises: “Think THE EXORCIST combined with the terrifying elements of a Dario Argento film!”

ITN Studios has obtained the North American rights to the film, which is directed by Joe Cornet (Gunfight at Rio Bravo) and produced by Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose), based on a script by Craig Hamann (Boogie Boy).

Night of the Caregiver which features a performance from Eileen Dietz, the terrifying face of Pazuzu in The Exorcist, tells the story of hospice nurse Julia Rowe who is hired to be the caregiver for Lillian Gresham (Dietz), who lives in an isolated house in a remote area. Although she is terminally ill, the elderly Lillian is a cordial and sweet lady. However, as the night goes on, Julia suspects something demonic is also dwelling in the house causing her and Lillian to be in grave danger…

Starring Eileen Dietz (THE EXORCIST), Natalie Denise Sperl (MANK), Eric Roberts (DARK KNIGHT), and Cornet, the pic will get a theatrical and VOD release on August 15 before rolling on digital and DVD platforms this fall. Ahead of its release, you can check out the terrifying trailer for Night of the Caregiver below.

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The unnerving trailer opens with a sense of impending fright before introducing Julia, a nurse who arrives at the home of her new elderly patient. But the house seems to hold sinister secrets within its confines. We’re also introduced to Detective Eckhart, who reveals he suspects his mother was murdered – and that her killer is no longer among the living. Yet Eckhart is given an ominous message to let his mother’s case rest in peace. As the trailer continues, Julia experiences increasingly unexplained and bizarre events in the house, resulting in her beginning to question her own sanity as the scares continue to mount. Soon Julia can’t help but suspect she and her patient are not alone – that something evil also dwells within the home’s walls. Something determined to make sure no one survives the night.

“It is my pleasure to announce the release of my new horror film NIGHT OF THE CAREGIVER, through ITN Distribution,” says director Joe Cornet. “I believe audiences will be thrilled by the film’s strange and bizarre story, think THE EXORCIST combined with the terrifying elements of a Dario Argento film!”

With this statement, Cornet makes bold promises, describing a chillingly bizarre tale that aims to combine the iconic shocks and thrills of The Exorcist with the visually stunning stylistic horror of Dario Argento. For horror fans, it’s an enticing premise – one that suggests audiences are in for a terrifying ride.

If the trailer is any indication, Cornet looks to have delivered on his vision, crafting a film that will shock, disturb, and thoroughly thrill. Horror fans can see if he succeeds when Night of the Caregiver releases on August 15.

Alexander Nevsky produced Night of the Caregiver via his company Hollywood Storm. Joe Cornet, Eric Brenner, and Douglas “Fini” Finical served as executive producers on the horror pic. The chilling score was composed by Sean Murray.

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      Thank you for your question about where to watch the film Night of the Caregiver. I don’t have all the distribution details, but I contacted the producer to find out more. I’m happy to share that the film will be available in select U.S. markets theatrically and on major VOD platforms like iTunes, Vudu, Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, etc. starting on August 15th. I hope this information allows you to watch the film. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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