The Toxic Avenger Reboot Claims to be ‘OVER THE TOP’

Toxie has big plans for his return.

It will take another look at one of the most horrible methods imaginable to become a vengeful superhero in next year’s reimagined version of The Toxic Avenger, currently in post-production. However, empire Magazine reports that Peter Dinklage believes it has come together very well.

Dinklage–best known for his starring role on HBO’s Game of Thrones–will be appearing in the new film sometime in 2022. He will play a janitor-turned-toxic good guy.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Dinklage added. “I just wanted to do something I’ve never done before. So why not be a monster in an over-the-top, crazy movie?”

Additionally, he spoke about his interest in “guerrilla filmmaking.” In the old-school B-movies, such as The Toxic Avenger from Troma Entertainment, people “did it because they love doing it,” he explained. “When you make movies too clean, it can distance the audience. Those Troma films dipped the audience in toxic waste.”

Director Macon Blair directs this new film, based on the true story of janitor Winston, who delves into a vat of toxic waste and becomes a “mutant freak who must go from shunned outcast to underdog hero, as he races to save his son, his friends and his community from the forces of corruption and greed.”

In addition to Dinklage, Kevin Bacon plays the villain, Jacob Tremblay plays his son, Taylour Paige plays the female lead, Jonny Coyne as a “shadowy criminal figure and Sarah Niles as a “corrupt city official”. Julia Davis and Elijah Wood round out the ensemble in unannounced roles.

Original director Michael Herz and screenwriter Lloyd Kaufman’s script did not impress either critics or audiences, earning just $800,000 on a budget of $500,000. Although it didn’t live up to its original promise, it managed to become a cult classic and inspired three sequels, an animated children’s show, and comics.