Netflix Horror Movies Why this streaming service is excellent for fans of the genre

The Top 10 Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix This August

Horror fans, get ready to binge some frightening films, because Netflix has an excellent selection of horror movies available for streaming this August. From recent critical darlings to enduring cult classics, there’s something scary for every taste. Here are 10 of the most spine-tingling horror movies you can watch on Netflix right now.

  1. The Ritual (2017)
The Ritual

This Netflix original follows a group of friends who take a hiking trip in Sweden to honor their deceased companion. But ancient evils lurk in the woods, preying on the hikers’ guilt and fears. Director David Bruckner skillfully blends psychological and supernatural horror in this creepy folk tale.

  1. Gerald’s Game (2017)

Mike Flanagan brings Stephen King’s “unfilmable” novel to life in visceral fashion. Carla Gugino delivers an incredible performance as a woman trapped after her husband dies during a sex game. Flanagan maximizes the tension of her desperate situation.

  1. The Invitation (2022)
The Invitation 2022 Movie Review

Nathalie Emmanuel stars in this erotic vampire thriller about a young woman drawn into a world of bloodlust and seduction while attending a dinner party. It provides sultry, stylish horror kicks.

  1. Apostle (2018)

Dan Stevens infiltrates a remote cult in search of his sister, only to find the inhabitants harbor dark secrets. Gareth Evans imbues this folk horror tale with plenty of grit, gore, and claustrophobic dread.

  1. Unfriended (2014)

Experience the horrors of online harassment via laptop screen in this influential “screenlife” horror flick. Unfriended delivers chills by literalizing technological terror through a vengeful spirit.

  1. Creep (2014)
Creep 2014

Mark Duplass gives an unnerving performance as a terminally ill oddball who hires a videographer to document his final days. Director Patrick Brice keeps his found footage debut tense and unpredictable.

  1. Vampires vs. The Bronx (2020)

A trio of friends rally their community against vampiric gentrifiers in this clever horror comedy. Beyond laughs, it provides insightful social commentary on displacement and neighborhood bonds.

  1. His House (2020)

Refugees encounter new horrors after fleeing war-torn Sudan for an English housing project. Remi Weekes’ directorial debut blends visceral scares with sobering real-world trauma.

  1. Under the Shadow (2016)
Under the Shadow 2016

A Tehran mother and daughter are terrorized by a mysterious evil during the Iran-Iraq War. This allegorical gem delivers heightened suspense steeped in cultural commentary.

  1. Cargo (2017)

Martin Freeman stars as a father protecting his infant daughter from zombies in the Australian outback. It infuses heart into its undead thrills through relatable family bonds.

With recent standouts like The Invitation alongside evergreen chills like Unfriended, August is an ideal month for frightening Netflix film viewings. So grab the popcorn and stream one of these creepy classics or new favorites. Just don’t watch them alone!