Scream 7 Christopher Landon

Christopher Landon Tapped to Direct Next Chapter in Scream Saga with Scream 7

The slasher franchise that brilliantly skewers and celebrates horror tropes will continue with a fresh directorial vision, as Christopher Landon takes the reins for the upcoming seventh Scream installment. Landon’s pedigree in the genre makes him a fitting choice to guide the next terrifying chapter.

As first reported by Bloody Disgusting and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, Spyglass and Paramount have brought Landon on board to direct Scream 7. He steps in for Radio Silence, the filmmaking collective of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella who revitalized the franchise with 2022’s Scream and this year’s Scream VI.

Radio Silence will remain attached as executive producers, but scheduling issues prevent them from returning to direct. Their efforts on the recent films garnered strong reviews and box office, indicating the slasher series still has sharp blades.

With his experience steering films like Happy Death Day, Freaky and segments of V/H/S, Landon knows his way around playful, self-referential horror. His creative voice should mesh well with the meta sensibilities Wes Craven established in his original run on the Scream films. Landon also wrote multiple Paranormal Activity sequels, so he’s well-versed in shepherding an ongoing horror franchise.

Plot details remain under wraps for Scream 7, as do cast negotiations. But The Hollywood Reporter indicates Melissa Barrera and Mason Gooding are expected to reprise their roles as Sam and Chad following breakout turns in Scream VI.

Jenna Ortega’s return as vengeful killer Tara Carpenter remains up in the air, partly due to her skyrocketing fame from Netflix’s Wednesday. But the franchise would sorely miss her menacing presence. Scripting duties also await resolution, depending on the progress of the WGA strike.

Whenever production can commence, Landon seems primed to inject new twists and tricks into Ghostface’s deadly bag while honoring Scream’s legacy. Craven’s passing left a void many thought impossible to fill, but Radio Silence proved the franchise still has screams left to unleash. Now Christopher Landon will guide the next tense, bloody chapter in Woodsboro’s history.

Stakes and expectations will be high, but Landon’s creative vision could bring a fresh perspective while upholding Scream’s mix of scares, satire and self-examination. After the first film without Craven at the helm won over audiences and critics, hopes will be high for this next era of the saga under new stewardship. But Landon has the skills and sensibility to carve out a bold new direction.

The only certainty is Ghostface will continue haunting meta-horror fans for sequels to come. Whether the fresh blood behind the camera reinvigorates the formula or dilutes the essence of Scream remains unseen. For now, speculation and anticipation for Landon’s take will haunt fans until the next chilling installment. Whenever production roles on Scream 7, a new brand of terror awaits.

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