The Secret Kingdom: An Enchanting Family Fantasy Adventure Coming Soon

The Secret Kingdom is an upcoming family fantasy adventure film directed and written by Matt Drummond set to be released in theaters, on video on demand, and on demand on June 9. According to the official press release, the story follows siblings Peter and Verity on a quest in a magical kingdom called Arkelston hidden under their bedroom floor. They must unite five mystical treasures to save Arkelston from an ancient enemy called the Shroud.

The cast includes Sam Everingham, Alyla Browne, Alice Parkinson, Chris Gabardi, Darius Williams, and Beth Champion as Peter and Verity, the brave brother and sister duo. With a promise of “epic challenges that will test their bravery to the limit,” young viewers are sure to connect with these relatable child heroes.

Director Matt Drummond aims to create an “unforgettable fantasy adventure fit for the whole family,” according to the release. Filmed on location in Queensland, Australia, the film was inspired by beloved 1980s films like Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story. With a run time of 98 minutes and a PG rating, The Secret Kingdom looks to recapture the spirit of wholesome live-action adventures of that era, suitable for both children and adults.

The magical world of Arkelston is filled with fantastical creatures and riddles. An enchanting score by composer Andrew Scott Bell helps bring viewers into this imaginative experience. Beautiful set designs and fantastical elements like fairies, monsters, and an evil villain known as the Shroud are sure to spark a sense of wonder in audiences and fuel creative play.