New Horror Film ‘Exorcism in Utero’ Explores Possession of Pregnant Woman

The new independent horror film ‘Exorcism in Utero’ tells the story of a pregnant woman named Herma Frigg who becomes possessed after putting on a mysterious ring she finds in the basement of a house she is house-sitting. As Herma’s body and mind start to deteriorate, she forms an unexpected connection with Peter, a horror-movie loving 12-year-old boy who lives next door.

Directed by Erik Skybak, ‘Exorcism in Utero’ stars Sam Bangs as Herma, Leonard Hoge as Peter, and Stephanie Leet as Herma’s unborn baby. The film follows Herma as she flees from an abusive relationship and finds temporary refuge house-sitting for a friend. While exploring the basement, she discovers an old ring that she puts on, not realizing it is cursed. Soon, Herma starts experiencing strange dreams, sleepwalking, and her body begins to transform in disturbing ways.

Peter, who lives next door with his family, notices Herma’s odd behavior and reaches out to try and help her. Peter’s knowledge of horror movies leads him to suspect that Herma may be possessed, and he works to find a way to perform an exorcism to free Herma and save her unborn child before it’s too late.

A unique take on the possession and exorcism horror film genres, ‘Exorcism in Utero’ explores themes of motherhood, childhood innocence, and unlikely bonds between strangers. The film will be available on digital platforms worldwide starting May 23.