The Queen Mary Film Sets Sail – A Supernatural Thriller Aboard the Haunted Ocean Liner

The Legendary RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner Inspires a Supernatural Thriller Film Set to Release This Summer.  

The iconic RMS Queen Mary luxury ocean liner, now permanently docked as a hotel and tourist attraction in Long Beach, California, has a long history of reported paranormal occurrences and ghost sightings. This summer, the legendary ship will serve as the setting for the supernatural horror-mystery film ‘The Queen Mary.’ Vertical Entertainment has acquired the North American distribution rights for the chilling film, which intertwines mysterious and violent events from 1938 and present day surrounding two families aboard the Queen Mary.

Directed by Gary Shore, known for the 2014 film ‘Dracula Untold,’ starring Luke Evans, the new film ‘The Queen Mary’ features an acclaimed cast including Alice Eve (‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ ‘Belgravia’), Joel Fry (‘Game of Thrones’),  Nell Hudson (‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’), William Shockley (‘Death in Texas’) and BAFTA winner Lenny Rush (‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’).

The screenplay was written by Stephen Oliver and Tom Vaughan, with revisions by director Gary Shore. ‘The Queen Mary’ was produced by Imagination Design Works, Rocket Science, White Horse Pictures, and Mali Elfman.

Peter Jarowey, Partner at Vertical Entertainment, expressed confidence in the film, stating “We were immediately intrigued by the chilling, grisly tale that the filmmakers have woven together in ‘The Queen Mary.’ We’re sure audiences and horror fanatics will flock to experience it this summer.”

The producers said, “We were impressed by Vertical’s passion for Gary Shore’s intelligent and twisted take on a great English and American legend. We know this team will be the perfect US distribution partner in logging the next chapter of this vessel’s historic and haunted history.”

With a setting as compelling as the RMS Queen Mary and a talented director and cast, ‘The Queen Mary’ is sure to draw interest from fans of horror and suspense as well as history buffs. After Vertical Entertainment’s acquisition of the distribution rights, the film is set to dock in theaters across the US this summer.