The Next ‘Evil Dead’ Promises Extreme Horror Under New French Director

A new ‘Evil Dead’ movie is on the way, and French director Sébastien Vanicek is planning to take the franchise into vicious new territory. The director, known for his extreme horror film ‘Infested,’ aims to create an ‘Evil Dead’ spinoff that deeply disturbs audiences.

In an interview, Vanicek explained his no-holds-barred approach: “I told the studio that I wanted to make a nasty film, a film that hurts, from which you come away tested.” He intends the movie to be a cathartic experience, stuffed with all the horror inside him.

Vanicek is promising to ruin his career with the levels of terror in this ‘Evil Dead’ outing. But if he can continue making films afterwards, he’ll move on from horror into other genres. Clearly, the director has a passion for scary stories and plans to pour that enthusiasm into his fresh take on the legendary franchise.

With production tentatively slated for late 2024 or early 2025 and a target Halloween 2025 release, fans will have to wait a few years for Vanicek’s vision. But the director wants his ‘Evil Dead’ to be worth the anticipation. Sam Raimi has even given Vanicek complete creative freedom, signaling that the spinoff could push boundaries like the original films.

The French Twist

What’s more, Vanicek intends to add a “French twist” to his take on ‘Evil Dead.’ With France churning out some of horror’s most demented offerings in recent decades, the director’s heritage could bring a whole new level of shocking imagery and ideas. If his previous work is any indication, sensitive viewers should brace themselves.

It’s clear the upcoming ‘Evil Dead’ spinoff aims for intense scares that test the resilience of audiences. The franchise has always dared to venture into unsettling territory in pursuit of frightening film fans. And under Vanicek’s guidance, the next chapter looks set to continue that reputation for stomach-churning, nightmare-haunting terror. So horror hounds, get ready for an ‘Evil Dead’ that may live up to its name in entirely new ways. Just don’t expect to sleep soundly after the credits roll.