‘The Keeper’s Diary: A Biohazard Story’ – A Must-Watch Fan Film for Resident Evil Enthusiasts

Attention, Resident Evil fans! Get ready for an exciting new fan film that promises to deliver a thrilling journey into the iconic horror franchise. Director Andrew Saullo has recently released the official trailer for “The Keeper’s Diary: A Biohazard Story,” and it’s already generating buzz among the gaming community.

The Keeper’s Diary is inspired by the original Resident Evil game and its 2002 remake, focusing on the diary entry found in the Spencer Mansion. The story follows a researcher, played by Charlie Kraslavsky, as he succumbs to a viral outbreak in an underground research facility. Fans will remember Kraslavsky from his role as Chris Redfield in the live-action cutscenes of the original Resident Evil game.

The trailer showcases the film’s attention to detail, with shots of The Keeper in various stages of zombification and Jill Valentine (played by Gracie Madsen) discovering The Keeper’s room. Eagle-eyed fans may have also spotted a quick glimpse of a Hunter, as well as The Keeper snacking on a snake – a nod to the game’s more unorthodox enemies.

In addition to Kraslavsky and Madsen, the fan film boasts an impressive cast of Resident Evil alumni. Ward E. Sexton, the iconic voice behind the “Resident Evil” intro, makes an appearance, while Pablo Kuntz, the original voice actor for Albert Wesker, lends his talents as a voice actor in the film.

The Keeper’s Diary also features the work of composer Duane C. Merritt, who will provide the score for the short film, and producer Andy Cox.

Director Andrew Saullo first teased fans with a trailer for The Keeper’s Diary during The Horror Game Awards in December, generating anticipation for the project. Now, with the release of the official trailer, fans can get a better sense of what to expect from this ambitious fan film.

The Keeper’s Diary: A Biohazard Story is set to release in 2024 and will be available for free on the Residence of Evil YouTube Channel. As we eagerly await its arrival, the trailer promises a thrilling journey that will satisfy both long-time fans and newcomers to the Resident Evil franchise. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of survival horror once again with this must-watch fan film.

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