The Exhibitionists, New Years Horror Movie [REVIEW]

The Exhibitionists is a movie that I came to enjoy quite a bit for a wide variety of different reasons, and it’s one that I would recommend to others.

This is the second New Year’s horror movie that we have covered on Horror Facts so far, our first was New Year’s Evil you can check that one out by clicking here.

When you think of scary horror movies, suspenseful thrillers, or simply exhilarating movies, The Exhibitionists is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. On the other hand, it is impossible to deny the psychological parallels between the two.

Additionally, a significant portion of the film’s acting was of very high caliber. As the most well-known member of the cast, Laverne Cox stands out from the rest of the participants. She totally buys into the wackiness of her role, and the result is a performance that is delightfully over the top.

In addition, it is important to point out that Pepper Binkley, Mike Doyle, and Lauren Hodges are all quite good in the roles that they play.

Filmmaking is an efficient medium that allows for the quick portrayal of tense emotions like concern and fear. Through a careful balancing act of shadow and light, the audience is effectively shocked, and their nerves are effectively grated upon.

The mentality of the character, who is defined as being raw and fundamental, is progressively revealed in order to make the most of a potent metaphor for the human situation. This is done so that the metaphor can be utilized to its full potential.

The Exhibitionists is an exception to the rule that states a movie with a low production budget cannot have a high production value due to the restricted amount of financial resources it has available.

The Story

The film The Exhibitionists follows the guests of a particularly lavish New Year’s Eve bash. The party is hosted by Walter Todd (Richard Short), a director with a predilection for strange sexual obsessions, and it draws a diverse group of artists. It becomes clear that Walter has planned this entire evening with the intention of filming his guests for a documentary.

Walter plans to probe the group’s members’ innermost wants, which they’ve been keeping secret from the rest of the world.

His “cast” is a mishmash of personalities, and when they lose their grip on reality, their secrets are likely to be spilled. As Walter continues to prod the more guarded members of the group, there is a high probability that they may encounter serious threats during the course of the evening.

The friends of Walter have no idea that he is filming New Year’s Eve with them in order to utilize them as test subjects in a documentary he is creating about the evening. Walter is making the documentary about the evening. He is interested in determining whether or not there is a line that can be drawn between documentary filming and pornographic cinematography.

To establish their theory, the hosts bombard the audience with sleazy information. Walter and his friends party for 36 hours straight, engaging in activities ranging from adultery to sex humiliation. In some ways the film reminded me of “On The Edge” a film I had recently reviewed which followed a similar story.

Final Thought’s on the movie

The Exhibitionists is not a picture that I would classify as a “must see,” but the cast and crew have put together what looks to be a genuinely good effort for a low-budget production.

The movie is full with creative ideas, and it also features some outstanding performances from its cast. In the end, I can’t help but give the movie a positive rating, but I will caution potential viewers about the movie’s low-budget approach to its subject matter.

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