The Endless Horrors of ‘The Backrooms’ Come to the Big Screen

A24, the studio behind unsettling indie hits like ‘Hereditary’ and ‘Midsommar’, is bringing the viral internet legend of ‘The Backrooms’ to terrifying life. What started as a creepy photo on 4chan has spawned an entire fictional universe of endless, haunted office spaces that hapless victims get trapped in after ‘noclipping’ out of reality.

YouTube video

16-year-old YouTube phenom Kane Pixels captivated millions with his viral, retro-style Backrooms short film just last year. His eerie found footage style and jaw-dropping CGI brought the urban legend to vivid, vivid life. Now he’s teaming up with arthouse horror powerhouse A24 to develop a feature-length take on the Backrooms mythos he helped popularize.

Fans have been scrambling to piece together theories and lore about this cryptic shared universe since it first emerged. Everything from the ominous entities that stalk the Backrooms to the complex ‘levels’ and mazelike layouts have been imagined and designed by collaborative storytelling on forums like Reddit. A24 has a treasure trove of crowd-sourced scares and suspense to draw from.

The possibilities are endless (much like the Backrooms themselves). What nightmares will Kane Pixels and A24 unleash upon us? What will the big-budget Backrooms creatures and set pieces look like? I’ll be hiding behind my hands in terror when this one hits theaters. Stay tuned for more updates!