The Crow Remake

The Crow Remake Finally Takes Flight After Decades of Turbulence

For over 25 years, attempts to remake the cult classic The Crow have floundered in development hell. But now, after nearly three decades of false starts and dashed hopes, a new cinematic vision of Eric Draven’s supernatural quest for vengeance is finally soaring towards the big screen.

Lionsgate has announced they will release this long-gestating The Crow remake in theaters on June 7th, 2024. Directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) from a screenplay by Oscar-nominee Zach Baylin, the film puts a fresh spin on the dark, gothic story originated in James O’Barr’s revered comic book series.

Leading the new cast is Bill Skarsgård (It) as Eric Draven and singer/actress FKA twigs as his ill-fated lover Shelly Webster. A brief teaser trailer released yesterday gave fans a moody glimpse of Skarsgård as the resurrected Draven, covered in blood and presumably setting out to avenge Shelly’s murder.

The original 1994 film directed by Alex Proyas became a cult phenomenon, thanks to its gritty visual style and the tragic accidental death of star Brandon Lee on set. This new version updates the story but maintains the core premise – after being killed along with his fiancée, Eric Draven is revived and empowered to cross between the living and the dead to seek brutal retribution on the murderers.

While Proyas was openly critical of first look photos of Skarsgård and FKA twigs in character, the remake boasts an intriguing ensemble that also includes Danny Huston as the main villain, along with Isabella Wei, Laura Birn, Sami Bouajila, and Jordan Bolger in supporting roles.

After nearly 30 years trapped in limbo, The Crow remake has clearly been a labor of love and persistence for the producers, including the returning Edward R. Pressman who was also behind the 1994 original. Now the question is whether this new dark fantasy tale can capture lightning in a bottle once again when it finally takes wing next summer.

Draven lives! But will audiences want to join him in the realm of the undead for this long-awaited reboot? The full trailer coming later today will give the first real indication if this Crow can fly high or if it’s destined to become just another remake that nobody asked for.

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