The Burned Over District Pet ‘Sematary meets Mandy’

The Official Trailer and Poster Art for Coleman Bros. Films’ upcoming indie horror film “The Burned Over District” have just been published. “The Burned Over District,” co-produced by White Lion Studios, is based on true events that occurred near Rochester in the 1800s and is written and directed by Rochester locals James and Vince Coleman. Michael Del Rossa (“Humanoids From the Deep,” “300”), a special effects veteran, splatters the screen with his gory inventions in “Pet Sematary meets Mandy, with a little Hereditary thrown in the mix.”

Will (Jon Sheedy) escapes to a secluded village in Western New York after losing his wife in a horrible automobile accident. When he realises that the town and its citizens are concealing a dark and deadly secret, his rest is cut short. Will and his sister Katie (Amy Zubieta) must band together in order to withstand the ancient darkness that has engulfed The Burned Over District.

“Grief Will Drag You Down!”

The movie is now in post-production and is expected to be finished in May of this year.

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