The Advent Calendar (2021) Christmas Horror Review

The interesting concept behind “The Advent Calendar” is an ancient, antique calendar that gives the impression of being able to grant wishes—obviously for a fee. It’s not a really innovative concept (it’s simply Monkey’s Paw), but the fact that it uses a Christmas ornament that appears to be innocuous as the source of its terror provides for some deliciously off-kilter results.

What could be more fitting for a story about a cursed object than an advent calendar, with its seemingly limitless supply of secret compartments behind which lurk any number of mysteries?

The Advent Calendar makes the most of its premise and carves out its own original, snappy little groove in the genre for the bulk of its running length, while being plainly and substantially indebted to other comparable horror narratives like The Ring, Drag Me to Hell, and even Hellraiser. Despite several allusions to other horror films like “The Ring,” “Drag Me to Hell,” and “Hellraiser.”

Genre movies, even those made during the silent cinema era, often contain individuals who have physical limitations, and the portrayal of these people is not always good. In several narratives, the antagonist or monster suffers from some kind of impairment, be it visible or not. We have, happily, come a long way, but regrettably, this stigma is still prevalent today, even if the film in question is not a James Bond production. During the course of the last two decades, horror films have taken a variety of different approaches to the same fundamental idea, but the perspective that The Advent Calendar chooses is one that is both distinctive and interesting.

Paraplegic The actress Eugénie Derouand plays a character named Eva, who has trouble moving about. She may use a wheelchair, but she doesn’t let that stop her from living her life to the fullest. The automobile accident that the former dancer was in left her unable to use her legs, so she is now stuck in a boring office job that doesn’t give her any satisfaction, and she spends her leisure time swimming. But suddenly, her friend Sophie (Honorine Magnier), who is currently residing and working in Germany, turns up unannounced for her birthday. Sophie also shocks Eva by giving her a classic wooden advent calendar to use over the holiday season.

In the tense and suspenseful Christmas thriller known as “The Advent Calendar,” the main character is given an opportunity that he just can’t refuse. The moral conundrum that is investigated in Patrick Ridremont’s film is a large part of what makes it such an engaging watch. in addition to the breathtaking graphics and the consistently depressing and innovative narrative. The flesh of Derouand is wonderful, and we get to see one of the most imaginatively carried out scenarios of a death that has ever been staged. Take care not to get your hopes too high with the Advent Calendar.

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