Terror Strikes Suburbia in New Horror Film Barry Cleanskins

Terror awaits when Barry Cleanskins, the debut indie horror film from Melbourne director Gwynn Earl, premieres this November.

Set in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Northvale, Barry Cleanskins follows three friends who accidentally stumble into a debaucherous underworld of illicit drugs and murder after visiting the newly opened Cleanskin wine bar. With recent disappearances linked to the bar, the police begin questioning what might be happening there.

The independent film takes inspiration from psychological horror films like Hereditary and The Babadook as well as 80s slasher flicks. Shot on location around Melbourne’s inner north, the film promises some grungy settings and twisted scares.

Check out the bloodcurdling trailer below as an unsettling threat casts its shadow over the town, leading the unsuspecting locals to realize something dark and fanged lurks within.

Brought to life by a talented ensemble cast, Barry Cleanskins stars Matthew Elliot as ‘Officer Kelly’, Shane Stephens as ‘M.Krasky’, Ro Bailey as ‘Ariana’, Mckinley Manning as ‘Rusty’, Billie Ream as ‘Ted Mcloghlin’, Laura Joy Arain as ‘Brandusa’, Susanne “Rudie” Chapman as ‘Bettina’, Kate Mayhew as ‘Rebecca’, and Brighley Dangerfield as ‘Shauna Briggs’.

The film’s soundtrack features local Melbourne music talent, with an original score composed by Jamie Carolan as well as tracks from artists like Clayton’s Faith and Ozergun.

Horror fans won’t want to miss the premiere of this nightmarish indie fright-fest in November, as Barry Cleanskins looks primed to put Melbourne’s horror scene on the map with its local cast and crew and macabre premise.

Fans can stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates on Barry Cleanskins by following the film’s official Facebook page.

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