Take A Trip With Tubi’s Cabin Girl

You know what they say – the woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but you really shouldn’t go in there alone. Tubi’s new original film Cabin Girl proves that venturing into the forest in search of isolation might just dig up secrets better left buried.

When protagonist Ava heads to a remote cabin looking for a fresh start, she finds not tranquility but a waking nightmare. Stumbling upon an overgrown gravesite hidden deep in the woods, Ava is drawn into a decades-old unsolved mystery surrounding a local girl’s death.

Convinced of a sinister secret, Ava launches her own investigation into the town’s dark past. But the deeper she digs, the more her own buried truths threaten to come to light. With its foreboding setting and air of mystery, this thriller follows Ava as she spirals into a harrowing unraveling in her search for answers.

This film shows that when you search for the truth in isolated places, what you uncover might just be your own dark reflection staring back. Will Ava find redemption? Or will learning the secrets destroy any chance she has left to save herself?

Tubi dares you to enter the woods – But will you get out unscathed?

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The all-new original film from Tubi follows the story of Ava, a van-life vlogger who finds her freedom cut short after a mysterious accident leaves her injured and stranded in a small town. 

Forced to give up her beloved van, Ava rents a cabin in the woods and rebrands herself as “Cabin Girl” in a desperate attempt to hold onto her online followers. But try as she might, Ava struggles to embrace the quiet isolation of cabin life.

Seeking excitement, she becomes obsessed with solving the decades-old mystery surrounding Hannah Granger, a local girl who allegedly committed suicide. Determined to get to the bottom of the unsolved case, Ava launches an amateur investigation.

At the same time, Ava is plagued by fragmented memories and vivid dreams about the night of her accident. She starts to question whether she really hit a deer, or if the visions of a ghostly young girl now haunting her days and nights might be connected to the truth.

As the line between dreams and reality blurs, Ava slowly loses her grip, lashing out at those trying to help her. All while a mysterious van-driving man invades her life, appearing obsessed with the unhinged vlogger.

When repressed memories finally surface, revealing the truth behind Ava’s accident and supernatural visions, she’s faced with a choice: accept the painful reality of what happened, or descend completely into madness, destroying anyone who gets in her way.

Cabin Girl follows one woman’s spiral into grief, denial, and violent insanity, as deep-buried secrets claw their way to the surface. Will she find redemption, or has she already gone too far?

At first glance, Cabin Girl seems like it will be a classic paranormal mystery about a young woman haunted by a decades-old murder. The film’s initial pacing and atmospheric shots lead viewers to believe a vengeful ghost is plaguing Ava. But as more details emerge, it becomes apparent the true demons lie within Ava herself.

The movie does an excellent job of building doubt and suspense around Ava’s reliability as a narrator. Through unnerving flashbacks and encounters with suspicious townspeople, we start to wonder if Ava is mentally unwell or hiding dark secrets of her own. However, the script ends up overplaying this hand, dropping heavy-handed clues that Ava is unraveling. By the halfway point, astute viewers will likely have guessed the main twist regarding Ava’s true involvement with the spirit that appears to be haunting her.

Yet just when you think you have it all figured out, the movie takes a wild second turn that catches viewers entirely off guard. In the final act, another confounding layer is revealed that casts everything shown up to that point in a new light. While devoted mystery fans may feel disappointed that they guessed a key revelation earlier, the ultimate sucker punch ending makes up for any predictability leading into the finale.

Overall, Cabin Girl skillfully builds a brooding atmosphere and a compellingly unstable protagonist – even if its winding plot becomes a bit transparent at times. Stick around for the jaw-dropping final moments that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. With captivating cinematography and a committed lead performance, it’s a ghostly thriller worth watching despite its imperfect plotting. 

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