The Black Phone Review, Will You Answer?

The Black Phone 2022 Movie Review

The Black Phone is now playing in theaters, you should see this film if you are a fan of Joe Hill’s work. The Grabber is a serial murderer who abducts and likely murders adolescent boys in Denver in the 1970s. Thirteen-year-old Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) is more worried about his neighborhood bullies than he is about meeting The Grabber, despite the fact that his strong sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) occasionally helps. In the wake of … Read The Full Article

Black Phone Trailer #2 Has Dropped

An additional tension-filled trailer for The Black Phone, a summer horror film from Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures, has been released this week, revealing even more of the film’s terrifying plot. Sit back relax and watch Black Phone Trailer #2 Five children go missing in a suburban Colorado community in 1978. Finney Shaw is soon abducted by a serial murderer and imprisoned in a soundproof cellar. Finney finds a disconnected phone that can broadcast the … Read The Full Article

Check out the mask created by Tom Savini for ‘The Black Phone’

There has been lots of hype surrounding ‘The Black Phone’ in the past few weeks and it keeps getting better. In an interview with Empire Magazine the world was given a first hand look at the amazing new mask created by the legend himself Tom Savini (image below). Ethan Hawke is going to star as “The Grabber,” a sadistic killer in the upcoming film The Black Phone. Tom Savini and Jason Baker designed the sinister … Read The Full Article