Spirit Halloween: The Movie Review

When you walk into a Spirit Halloween store you begin to stare in wonderment at all the animatronics spread throughout the store; terrifying entities that have been plucked from our worst nightmares.  We run up to them and watch as they come to life, our consolation in the fact that these creatures are only made of plastic, rubber, and wires. But if that wasn’t the case? Spirit Halloween: The Movie, a new film based on the … Read The Full Article

A Spirit Halloween Movie is Coming This October

Nothing marks the approaching Halloween season more than when Spirit Halloween stores begin to pop up all across North America. The pop-up stores bring in droves of customers who are looking to celebrate the spooky season in style. Now, it appears that the seasonal retail company is looking to cement itself further into the mythology of Halloween, as ‘Spirit Halloween,’ a new film centering around the beloved pop-up store, is set to be released this … Read The Full Article