AMERICAN HORROR STORIES combines “Rubber Man” with “Rubber Woman”

American Horror Stories

A new installment of AMERICAN HORROR STORIES hits Hulu this week with “Rubber Woman” meeting her predecessor. The upcoming spinoff American Horror Story series has been promoted through “Rubber Woman” for weeks. ‘Rubber Woman’ has teamed up with ‘Rubber Man’ in a new hilarious promotion. There will be seven episodes of American Horror Stories that … Read more

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Check Your Brain At The Door: A Non-Sensical Look At Non-Sensical “Rubber”

Oh, God, the kid was right. The killer is a tire. Quote from Rubber (2010) Individualism in horror shines brighter than Big Bob Carter burning alive in the middle of the Southwest Californian desert, so bright that we often can see inside the minds of our favorite horror movie directors, actors, and enthusiasts alike. As … Read more

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