Hellraiser: Who Leviathan Attracts

With Valentine’s being around the corner love will be in the air. Good for those who celebrate. Personally, I’m not a fan.  Pink and red clash too much.  Also, you can miss me with those chalky heart candies.   Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I still wanted to do an article that fits the spirit of the holiday.  What better than the horror franchise started by author Clive Barker, Hellraiser? There’s nothing quite like chains and … Read The Full Article

How Dumb Is Too Dumb? In Horror Movies

How Dumb Is Too Dumb? Horror Movies

“Why the hell would she run up the stairs?” you think as you see a movie with a knife-wielding burglar chasing a woman through her home. Then again, maybe it’s a survival group setting. Unnatural forces are present and someone is at the front door, begging to be let in. The door has no peep hole and the windows happen to be boarded up in such a way nobody could simply peek through the cracks. … Read The Full Article