Puppet Master: Doktor Death – A Must-See for Fans of the Franchise

Doktor Death The Dr. Death puppet from Retro Puppet Master is the subject of this standalone film.

Puppet Master: Doktor Death, the most recent installment in the well-known horror series, is now available on Full Moon Features streaming service, which is the only place where it can be watched online right now. Doktor Death, a puppet that fans of the Puppet Master series saw for the first time in Retro Puppet Master, makes his long-awaited return in this, the second solo spin-off movie of the Puppet Master series. (The first was Blade: … Read The Full Article

Puppet Master Streaming Now on Arrow

Puppet Master Streaming Now

Puppet Master, the 1989 blockbuster that launched a renowned b-movie franchise, kicks off at the start of May on Arrow’s Streaming Service. Puppet Master is an American horror film series about a bunch of anthropomorphic puppets who are animated by an Egyptian magic and each have their own hazardous weapon. The puppets are portrayed as heroes, antiheroes, and villains, with each figure taking on a unique role. The franchise was created by the brains of … Read The Full Article