If you’re looking to add a little terror to your nights this April, Popcornflix has you covered. The free streaming service is serving up a slate of scary movies, so be prepared to be spooked, startled, and utterly terrified as you delve into their chilling collection of free horror titles this month. Popcornflix’s selection of horror includes obscure hidden gems and modern masterpieces of things that go bump in the night. So turn out the … Read The Full Article

Free Horror Movies on PopcornFlix This February


If you can’t get enough nerve-shredding, spine-tingling horror movies, it’s time to check out Popcornflix. This free streaming service offers an extensive collection of frightening films just waiting to give you nightmares. As a horror buff, you’ll appreciate Popcornflix’s deep cuts from the genre. Alongside more well-known horror staples, you’ll find a huge range of terrifying B-movies, gory slashers, creepy supernatural tales, and disturbing indies. Their library contains hundreds of movies so scary, shocking, and … Read The Full Article