History of Evil Can’t Escape Its Tonal Imbalance [REVIEW]

History of Evil (2024)

In the bleak, dystopian future of Bo Mirhosseni’s “History of Evil,” the United States has devolved into the fascist North American Federation, its citizens oppressed by roaming militia forces invoking twisted patriotism in the name of God. It’s a chilling vision of society’s darkest impulses run rampant, and one that lands with particular unease given recent real-world echoes of government-sanctioned cruelty toward migrants and minorities. From its ominous opening moments transporting a child through a … Read The Full Article

Where can You Watch HISTORY OF EVIL? Its coming to Shudder


According to Deadline, a new horror/thriller film called History of Evil will begin filming this spring and will air as a Shudder Original. There hasn’t been a release date set yet. The film is set in the near future, according to the synopsis. It will follow a family who is fleeing from a corrupt government. They spend their time in hiding at a safe house with a bad reputation. Bo Mirhosseni, who also authored the … Read The Full Article