She Came from the Woods

Should You Watch She Came From The Woods?

The final night of the campers’ summer break at Camp Briarbrook is where the action takes place. She Came From the Woods, which was directed by Erik Bloomquist and co-written by his brother Carson Bloomquist, pays homage to the traditional summer camp slasher subgenre while offering a novel and fresh …

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Camp Twilight: Felissa Rose at the helm of new slasher film releasing to streaming VOD 11/01/2020

Dark Coast, The horror division of TriCoast Entertainment has just announced the pending release of their newest offering directly to multiple VOD/Streaming platforms. Camp Twilight, directed by Brandon Amelotte (Life Just Happened) features a couple of horror fan-favorite actresses, Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Krampus: The Devil Returns) and Linnea Quigley …

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