Digital Disaster or Campy Classic? A Look at Bad CGI Gator

Prepare yourself for a ride into the world of B-movie madness with Bad CGI Gator, the latest creation from Full Moon Features. This creature feature parody attempts to take the concept of “so bad it’s good” to a whole new level, delivering an experience that will leave you questioning your sanity. The story revolves around a group of college co-eds embarking on a spring break getaway at a secluded cabin somewhere in the heart of … Read The Full Article

Get Ready for Terror, rendered too cheaply in Bad CGI Gator

Get ready for some fun and gory mayhem from the swamps of Georgia! Full Moon Features has just released the trailer for their upcoming creature feature parody Bad CGI Gator, set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video and on November 24th. This raunchy B-movie promises plenty of bloody carnage courtesy of the worst CGI gator to ever grace the screen. Sharknado, Slither, Eight Legged Freaks, Piranha… our streaming services are saturated with ridiculous flicks, … Read The Full Article