Is A QUIET PLACE 3 in the works? it seems that it could be.


John Krasinski sat down and talked about a “Third Installment” of A QUIET PLACE addition to the Franchise, does this mean we get A QUIET PLACE 3 Right now we are not certain if there will be A Quiet Place 3. Rumors going around the industry are generally telling us that it’s a spin-off set … Read more

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New ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Pet Sematary’ Films Debuting on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus, the new streaming service set to replace CBS All-Access on March 4, 2021, has just announced that they have begun working on three major titles. The first will be a new installment in the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise that, according to initial reports from The Hollywood Reporter, will be an “unexpected retooling” of the … Read more

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