Suspense Awaits in Crackle’s: The Retreat

Crackle has become a top destination for thriller fans seeking their next adrenaline fix, serving up original series that get pulses racing. Now, the streaming platform is unleashing its latest binge-worthy thriller – The Retreat.

The terrifying Crackle original thriller series is helmed by showrunners Ashley Denise and Ricki Lynée and features an all-female cast. Set at a women’s artist retreat, The Retreat serves up a dramatically intense tale full of secrets, betrayal, and the quest for survival.

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During a vulnerable moment at an all-female artist retreat, guest speaker Cynthia Chadwick reveals a dangerous secret about her past to a small group of women. The next morning, Cynthia has disappeared and her unlucky confidants, Pamela, Dana, and Bea are each given a wad of hundreds in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement that forbids any mention of Cynthia’s presence at the retreat.

The series picks up one year later, as Pamela’s soon-to-be-published book of memoirs threatens to expose what happened at the retreat. As scandalous rumors about Cynthia begin to circulate in the news and on social media, it’s every woman for herself in the struggle to survive. With tensions at an all-time high, alliances are formed, back-stabbing ensues, and the plot never ceases to thicken.

Fans eager for their next obsessive thriller can now start streaming this gripping Crackle original series for free on Crackle today.

With its dangerous secrets, mysterious disappearance, and tense cover-up, The Retreat is sure to provide plenty of shocking twists and turns.

The Retreat joins Crackle’s rapidly expanding library of bold, shocking narratives that aren’t for the faint of heart. With a growing catalog of gripping, addictive thrillers, and chilling mysteries, Crackle has cemented itself as the premier destination for intense, dramatic original series.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Crackle today to start streaming The Retreat and experience the terror, suspicion, and twists as they unfold.

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