Shudder attains rights to DEADSTREAM

The horror comedy Deadstream, a Midnighter production that Shudder has recently purchased ahead of the festival, is one of the horror films launching at SXSW this month.

Deadstream, the Winters’ first film, portrays a humiliated and demonetized Internet star (Joseph Winter) who attempts to reclaim his admirers by live-streaming himself spending a night alone in an abandoned spooky home. When he unintentionally releases a vengeful ghost, his huge return event turns into a real-time fight for his life (and social importance) as he battles the house’s malevolent spirit and her own formidable following.

Shudder announced today that they had bought the rights to SXSW Midnight film Deadstream, which will be released in 2022. The film will have its festival premiere tomorrow night, and the transaction was finalised this afternoon. Vanessa and Joseph Winter, a husband and wife team, directed the picture. In a statement released today by Deadline, the directors stated, “Deadstream was a real collaboration from our tiny and committed crew, who took tremendous swings with few resources.” “We’re tremendous fans of Shudder’s really unusual and intriguing programming, and we’re thrilled to be working with them on the release of our film.”

Deadstream was a true collaboration from our small and dedicated crew, who took big swings with limited resources,” the directors said. “We’re huge fans of Shudder’s wildly unique and exciting content and we couldn’t be happier to be partnering with them for the release of our film.”