The Beast Comes at Midnight
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Showtime’s The Beast Comes at Midnight Poster Revealed

The Beast Comes at Midnight is a 2022 American horror movie about a live streamer that enlists the help of four students to battle a werewolf.

After discovering that a werewolf is pursuing one of them in their small rural community, an ostracised adolescent live streamer must enlist the support of four popular teenagers.

Christopher Jackson directed and co-produced the film, which was based on a script co-written by Jason Henne, Ed McKeever, and Michael Ashley McKeever.

Bruce Bohan, Yuliya Gregorio, Paul Hughbanks, Ed McKeever, Todd Oifer, and Robert Savakinus also contributed to the film’s production.

The Beast Comes at Midnight


Eric Roberts … Andras
Michael Paré … Night
Joe Castro … Beast Man / Werewolf
Kyle Oifer … Wes
Madelyn Chimento … Mary
Chris Plourde … UPS Delivery Guy
Michael Ashley McKeever … Tuff
John Maciag … Harold
Barbora Sulova … Silvia
Christopher Applegate … Security Guard
Ali Beth Bernstein … Mrs Cabrioso
Samantha O’Donnell … Trini