Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider New Comic Coming

Ghost Rider returns to comics.

Johnny Blaze appears to have settled down in this plot, with a wife, two children, and a job at a local auto repair shop. However, according to the official summary, Johnny has issues. “When he sleeps, he has monster dreams, and when he wakes up, he has bloody visions.”

The upcoming 32-page comic, written by Benjamin Percy, illustrated by Cory Smith, colored by Bryan Valenza, and lettered by Travis Lanham, will reconnect to Blaze’s beginnings with a twist. Johnny has a peculiar scar on his head this time, according to Percy, and “no longer has control over the Spirit of Vengeance.” And when possessed, he has no recollection of what has happened.”

No sign of Nick Cage at this time, below is some of the artwork from the new Ghost Rider issue number 1.

The Marvel Comics superhero Ghost Rider was initially introduced in Marvel Spotlight No. 5 by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, and Mike Ploog (1972)