Candy Land (2022) Review of the movie, let's find out if you should watch the movie
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Should You Watch Candy Land?

After viewing Candy Land (2022), I can state with confidence that it is one of the finest horror films of the year (2023) so far. My initial impression was that it would be a standard horror film. But the events that followed far beyond my wildest dreams. Incredible work all around; great performances, beautiful visuals, and a fascinating story.

The conclusion, in particular, was a breathtaking display of emotional complexity as the story’s many plot threads reached their inevitable climaxes. Here are several reasons why you should watch Candy Land right now, and you’re in luck since it’s available to stream on a few of the big streaming services right now.

Introduction to Candy Land

At a rest stop on a highway in the south, Remy (Olivia Luccardi), a young woman who has either fled from or been expelled from a religious cult, comes across a group of prostitutes. Remy is one of the women in the group. The horror movie Candy Land is grimy, gory, and has a seductive sexual subtext to it.

They gradually began to persuade her that engaging in sexual activity might be a source of revenue after they had made her a member of the group and had developed a friendship with her. They were completely unaware of Remy’s potentially dangerous tendencies, despite the fact that she gave off an innocent demeanor.

The frightened former member of the cult is seen wandering around with a cross that is said to conceal a profound and horrifying truth connected to her childhood as well as the cult from which she is said to have escaped. There is a connection between the mystery and the fact that she allegedly participated in a cult.

What I loved about Candy Land

Candy Land was a terrific film that I highly recommend. As a horror film, the characters were engaging enough to retain my interest, the cinematography was stunning, and the tale was so intricate that I couldn’t help but become immersed in it.

Every social situation amongst the members of the group feels very real and genuine. It’s hilarious to watch the characters bicker and make fun of one another while sharing a pack of cigarettes and some fast food at a truck stop, and it gives the idea that they’re a close-knit family.

This movie does an amazing job of attempting to recreate the style of exploitation films from the 1970s.

One of the parts of this picture that I liked the most was its ability to keep me guessing throughout. There were countless occasions of tension and surprise, making it a thrilling experience to watch. Furthermore, the conclusion was really satisfying; the storylines of all the characters were ended in a way that was appropriate for the characters’ various paths.

Candy Land is a lovely, brilliant aesthetic is set against a backdrop of death and suffering, subverting the Perfect Life in a satirical way, more on the cinematography later.

If you’re looking for a horror picture that isn’t light on scares but yet delivers a punch, this is the one to see.

The Characters and Cast

Our major characters include Sadie (Sam Quartin), Liv (Virginia Rand, Sadie’s girlfriend), Riley (Eden Brolin), and Levi (Owen Campbell). Nora (Guinivere Turner), a more sympathetic version of the conventional pimp, gives these younger women a safe place to stay and reliable work. Sheriff Rex (William Baldwin).

Candy Land’s performance was fantastic, and the character development was superb! Especially when you consider that the film was made on a shoestring budget and marketed as a direct to streaming B+ movie. Every character came across as genuine, and it was evident that each performer had given their all to the role they were playing. 

It was incredible to witness them bring the story to life with the passion and determination that they did. Even in supporting roles, they attracted me with their riveting performances, which kept me focused throughout the entire film.

Cinematography of Candy Land (2022)

The cinematography in Candy Land is just breathtaking. In my perspective, the entire motion picture was like a work of art. The creative and original camera work made each scene stand out visually in terms of its overall presentation.

The way in which they used lighting to create different moods and atmospheres was something that I found to be quite captivating; it added a layer of depth to the images that was otherwise absent. In addition, there was a fantastic use of color, with a variety of bright and subdued tones being used to great effect, which lent a unique quality to each shot.

This movie featured some really groundbreaking camerawork throughout its entirety.

How can you watch the movie?

Candy Land is currently streaming on various platforms the one I watch it on was Amazon Prime. The amazing thing about Amazon Prime is the large number of movies available for streaming. Candy Land is one such film, and it’s well worth seeing.

Additionally, you may watch the film via streaming on the following video-on-demand platforms. Microsoft, Apple, Vudu(Walmart), and Redbox all have the movie ready to view on their streaming services.

Should you watch Candy Land?

Yes you should watch Candy Land, It’s surprisingly grim, with a focus on the dark side of humanity, for a film with a religious theme. It’s a smart, subtle, and complex thriller that succeeds in making its protagonists feel like people you care about.

First, the photography in “Candy Land” is breathtaking, setting it apart from other exploitation films; second, the film’s portrayal of sex workers as fully realized characters sets it apart from the genre as a whole.

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