She Came from the Woods

She Came from the Woods: An 80’s Summer Camp Trailer!

In this homage to horror movies from the 1980s, the last night of summer camp features a group of camp counselors who, unbeknownst to them, unleash an ancient evil that has been dormant for decades. Because the chaos and insanity at Camp Briarbrook are becoming increasingly violent, the staff members are put in the position of having to determine which stories are significant enough to be shared with others and which secrets are more vital for them to keep to themselves.

On February 10, 2023, theaters will debut the new horror movie “She Came From the Woods.”

Watch the She Came from the Woods trailer to learn more about the upcoming summer camp-themed horror film that is set in the 1980s.

She Came from the Woods Trailer Analysis

Horror and the summer camp setting. Is there anything that could possibly top this time-honored combination? (Thinking of Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp to name two.)

The events that take place at the Briarbrook Summer Camp that are detailed in the film’s trailer take place on the final day of the season, which is also the day when the camp shuts down for the season.

While the campers are getting ready to check out, the counselors are getting ready to celebrate one more time together before the camp is done. The group gets together in the middle of the night to tell an old urban legend about a ghost that is known as Nurse Agatha. The legend is told around the campfire.

The group acts out the ritual that the folklore depicts as being carried out in order to evoke the presence of the ghost as part of the narrative of the ghost story. Regretfully, the tactic proves to be successful, and it not only sends the malevolent spirit down onto the party, but it also brings it to the camp where they are staying.

As things become increasingly gory and murderous, the few survivors at the camp are compelled to band together in order to fight back against this evil that extends back decades.

Check out the short film after watching the trailer

One interesting note about the movie is that it was inspired by a previous short film that was a lot of fun, and you can view the original short film in its full down below. Both Carson and Erik Bloomquist contributed to the writing and directing of the short film that was released in 2017, and now the two brothers will be writing the feature film adaptation.

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