Santa’s Slay With Goldberg

Imagine that you have been transported back in time to the Middle Ages, when a kind man named St. Nicholas was spreading holiday happiness and delivering gifts to the houses of those who were less fortunate during the Christmas season. Definitely a high level of polish. Fast forward to the year 1950, and the idea of St. Nicholas, who is now more often known as Santa Claus, has evolved into a significant cultural institution. Despite the fact that it is disgusting that the Coca-Cola Company uses the jolly elf as a commercial marketer, the reality remains that he is the symbol of hope for millions of young people.

You may be sure that it was done in the United States of America if it was done by Norman Rockwell. A former professional wrestler named Goldberg gives a portrayal of Santa Claus as a mumbling demon who rides an ox some fifty years later. Friends, the Santa’s Slay is here!

In the picture-perfect world of Santa’s Slay, Goldberg is cast in the role of Santa Claus. Goldberg was a frightening former Atlanta Falcons player, but you most likely do not remember him because he was only famous for three years. Goldberg’s career spanned only those three years. I am conscious of the fact that this does not shed much light on the situation. To provide an illustration, he is the one who did not indulge in any acts of cruelty toward animals. No? I get what you mean now, thanks for clearing it out. Goldberg was an invincible professional wrestler right up until the moment that he was stunned in the middle of the ring.

What exactly is taking so long? Well, I think it worked out for the best in the end. After coming out on the wrong end of a bet, the character that Goldberg plays, a demon, is put down by an angel. Because he was defeated in the wager, Santaberg is now obligated to be kind to children for the next 500 years and give them gifts on Christmas every year. Once the time limit of the wager has passed, Santaberg goes back to his nefarious ways, but he is stopped in his tracks by a modern-day angel who is a descendant of the original angel. The fact that Santa’s Slay has a huge corpse count is a positive aspect of the game; nonetheless, the majority of the time is spent listening to dialogue.

It’s a shame, because this is linked with some really innovative people, but it’s inevitable anyway. Saul Rubinek, who runs the stereotypical Jewish deli, is meant to be funny, unlike Santaberg, who is funny by accident.Dave Thomas, who is not associated with Wendy’s and is instead associated with Strange Brew, makes an appearance, as does Robert Culp.

Despite this, I was able to get some valuable insights by seeing Santa’s Slay. When both Fran Drescher and Chris Kattan meet their untimely deaths in the first ten minutes of the film, you know you’ve got a winner on your hands. The previous three hours were the ones that truly caused me to throw up eggnog all over the place.

Santa’s Slay was David Steiman’s debut as a writer and director, and it doesn’t appear that he’s produced any more work since then. Santa’s Slay was his first feature film. Good. Goldberg will not disappear any time soon, much like the noodle and brown paint Christmas ornament you made when you were in the third grade. You ask your mother to throw it away, but she won’t give up the finished masterpiece that her “little snuggums” created, despite your pleading. After what happened at Santa’s Slay, I can’t even call myself an angry person anymore. 

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