Russell Crowe Faces His Deepest Fears in The Exorcism

An actor’s greatest fear is losing themselves in their role. For Russell Crowe, that fear becomes a terrifying reality in the new supernatural horror film The Exorcism from director Joshua John Miller. Unleashing hell on June 21st, The Exorcism takes audiences on a petrifying descent into the depths of hell.

In The Exorcism, Crowe stars as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who lands the part of a priest in an upcoming horror movie about demonic possession. But as production begins, Miller finds the line between reality and the supernatural starts to blur in terrifying ways, as life begins to disturbingly imitate art.

Crowe leads an ensemble cast including Ryan Simpkins, Sam Worthington, Chloe Bailey, Adam Goldberg, and David Hyde Pierce.

In the film’s official trailer, we see Miller taking on the role after a tragic accident befell the original actor. But was it merely an accident, or are more sinister forces at play like the famously cursed sets of The Omen and The Exorcist?

As filming commences, we see Miller begin to experience inexplicable, disturbing happenings, as if some evil force is toying with his mind and soul. His estranged daughter (Ryan Simpkins) grows concerned he may be slipping back into destructive addictions. But she soon realizes a more insidious presence may be at work – an ancient evil seemingly contorting her father’s psyche.

Desperate, she seeks guidance from Father Conor (David Hyde Pierce). But as the malicious force fully manifests within Miller, she’s left with the ominous question – can he be saved?

In the trailer’s closing moments, we witness the evil entity’s horrific possession of Miller – a force hellbent on claiming his soul and the souls of those around him. We’re then left with the final warning: when it happens…run.

After portraying an exorcist in The Pope’s Exorcist, this time the tables are turned on Crowe as he becomes the vessel for a malicious evil.

Check out the trailer for The Exorcism below.

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The horrors of The Exorcism are coming, and your deepest, darkest fears will manifest in the most twisted way imaginable. The terrifying supernatural thriller unleashes across the United States and United Kingdom on June 21st.