[ REVIEW ] Where the Scary Things Are (2022)

Where the Scary Things Are is a new film that follows a group of teens, who were motivated to “make their ideal urban legend” through a curriculum at their high school titled “Create Your Own Urban Legend,” rapidly go out of control in their pursuit of more “likes,” which leads to fatal outcomes.

B. Harrison Smith wrote, co-produced, and directed the film (The Special; Death House). Phillip B. Goldfine, Doug Henderson, Matt Nease, Chad Oliver, and Tom Van Herwarde collaborated on the production.

Starring: Michael Cervantes, Peter Cote, Quinn Andrew Fickes, Oliver Givens, Selina Flanscha, and Emma Lim. Paul Cottman and Michael Cervantes star in the movie, which has a runtime of 1 hour 34 minutes.

At first the film was giving off the ‘ IT ‘ remake vibes or perhaps even Stranger Things where the film is following a group of friends but in a more modern setting, but it really went off track from that setting early into the movie. Instead of being characters that are good spirited and likeable they are the opposite the kind that are not likeable and irritate you.

After being assigned the task of developing their very own urban legend, the group manages to sneak back into the amusement park and discovers that not all urban tales are completely untrue. They make a semi-human serial murderer that is said to haunt the area known as Lockjaw, and a video of the creature becomes popular on the internet as a result of their discovery. But in order to keep the buzz going and the likes coming in, they have to produce videos that are progressively revolting. Because of this, many end up losing their lives.

Where the Scary Things Are Movie Poster

Building on the local urban legend of Lockjaw the group in Where the Scary Things Are ventures out to create their own monster, there own urban legend but wait… the movie drags on and on with little to no captivating moments.

You could tell the film wanted me to feel sorry for the group rather than pity them as Lockjaw sprinted after them through the park. But the film already missed it’s mark by the time the action started I was disengaged from the movie waiting for it to end.

This review of Where the Scary Things Are may seem to be lackluster and short, but in all reality there is nothing to say I was not a fan of the film, with an overall feeling of all being done before and overall a feeling of being a Stranger Things rip off where the only difference is the characters are unlikeable. The movie is boring and dragged out with to much time spent on developing shallow characters.

On the 28th of June 2022, Where the Scary Things Are will be released on digital and disc format for home viewing.

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